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We provide one-stop solution to the best wireless chargers & accessories for your iPhone and portable devices, helping Apple or Android users get a sigh of relief when they come to charging

  • wireless car charger

    Wireless Car Charger

    • Strong magnetic attraction

    • Split-type charging pad

    • Visible charging coil
    Simply place phone to charge battery and pick up to make calls without even small distraction during drive

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  • Travel wireless charger

    Wireless Travel Charger

    • 3-in-1 for iPhone, AirPods & Watch

    • Foldable, portable, and slim

    • Compact travel design

    Take this one anywhere and charge your cellphones, earbuds and smart watches wirelessly and conveniently

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  • wireless charger for multiple devices

    Foldable Wireless Charger

    • Textile feel and touch wrap

    • Transparent charging pads

    • Convenient portable design

    Wrap it for travel or unfold it for charging phones, headsets or iWatch; Elegant black and clarity

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  • wireless charger station

    Foldable Charging Station

    • Foldable phone stand & charger

    • Clear glass panel, metal body

    • Free position & rotation

    Tidy up your desktop with the one charger stand for your phones, earbuds & smartwatch

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  • Convertible wireless charger for iphone, airpods and watch

    Versatile Wireless Charger

    • Convert to various charging positions

    • Ingenuity of multifunctional chargers

    • Perfect replacement of Apple Duo

    Charge your iPhone, AirPods & Watch all at once in flat, folded or triangle positions wirelessly

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  • type-C charger block 65w

    Type-C Charger Block 65W

    • 3 charging port USB-A & C

    • Small yet high power GaN adapter

    • Charge batteries for laptops & phones

    Charge your laptops and cellphones at the same time with the high-power, multi-port charger block

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